Saturday, May 9, 2015

Personality color wheel


Recently I stumbled across this a color wheel. Since I'm always looking ways to add more depth to my characterization, I thought I’d check it out. Its design can help showcase your character(s) and his/her mood by adding a splash of color.


Personalities can be divided into colors; each color represents a different trait. Knowing the color can help better describe the person.



Red: Courageous and confident. Reds crave attention. You’re physically active and naturally sex is a necessity to you. If you’re a red, you’re most likely very ambitious, play hard and like to win. You’re more interested in facts and avoid details, in a hurry to get the results. Often, they are fast thinkers and tend to move quickly.


Yellow: Mellow yellow, anyone? They are the life of the party; social and expressive, yellows are imaginative and enthusiastic. They don’t like to be asked to suppress their opinions and never try and discourage a yellow’s natural creativity.


Blue: Those with the color blue in their chart are organized, or at least they like to be. Don’t disrupt their space! Wherever it may be, that little corner or the room or area beside the chair is exactly how they want it to be. They can’t stand being late, (I’m a blue and I seriously get cramps if it appears I’ll be late.) A blue is also considered trustworthy and in turn can be quite trusting of others- although a bit leery at first. Win a blue for a friend and you’ve gained a true-blue friend.


Green: Green people tend to need more. More of an answer, that is. Greens want specific, curious as to the why or how of something. They tend to ask lots of questions, using a soft and polite voice. They are organized and neat to a fault, persistent and always follow through. If it sounds as if green people are perfect, think again. Many are hard to please and tend to over analyze everything. Because of this, they can become depressed and lonely.

There are many more colors and personality traits. What color are you? Take the test and find out. 


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