Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And the Winner is...

I have a winner!



January has flown by and Tiffany was selected as the winner of my Goodreads contest! The contest drew 460 entries, many of which added the book to their bookshelf. I’m so excited for Tiffany! Congratulations!


Your book will be mailed soon! Happy Reading. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Win a free print copy of Man of Her Dreams!

Whew...the holidays are over and my TBR pile grew by at least five new books! I can hardly wait to get started. My biggest problem is always trying to decide which book to read first.

1. Biker Billionaire #1
2. Devil in Disguise
3. Wait for Me
4. The Courage to Write
5. Under the Mistletoe

Sometimes I get so anxious that I'll read two books at once. Like now. I'm currently reading The Present by JoAnna Lindsey and this story features the Mallory family. It's also a Christmas story and why I saved it for December. I adore this series, 12 books in all, I think. And each one is a keeper. But because I enjoy grabbing a minute or two to research my craft, I'm also reading The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes. This is a great book and although I've barely cleared the first three chapters, I'm really enjoying it.

Last, but not least, I've joined Goodreads author program. And since becoming an author  (Yay!) I decided to do a giveaway on Goodreads. That's right. I'm going to give away one free print copy of my novel Man of Her Dreams.

Here's an excerpt: 

The bar room boomed with laughter and for the second time that night Jay felt twelve years old. Only this time he couldn’t run away. He knew what people whispered about him but he didn’t care. He’d purposely added to the rumor going by not getting involved with any of the local women. There had been plenty willing and available when he first arrived. A few even asked out-right if he’d like to go home with them. But Jay always turned them down, refusing to play in his own backyard. Not wanting to bed any of them.

     Until now.

     “You’d be surprised what a little fairy dust will do,” he said, and easily hoisted her over his shoulders. The crowd ate it up, yelling instructions behind him.

     They’d almost cleared the door when Sally came running over carrying a cowboy hat filled with ten and twenty dollar bills.  “Les! Wait up! Your money. How you gonna leave town without it?” she said, and held out the floppy hat.

     Leslie struggled against his chest and Jay reluctantly let her slide down his body. She dipped her fingers into the hat and pulled out a wad of money. “You mean all this is mine?”     

     “Sure is. Look around, Les. That ride was the best they’ve seen in awhile. Shit, even the ladies have something to think about. The way you work those thigh muscles, maybe get a little more verbal. Hell girl, you’re an inspiration to us all.”

     Sally squeezed her in a boa-constrictor hug, smashing her against a huge bosom. She planted a wet kiss alongside Leslie’s cheek, then pulled out the napkin she’d tucked in her cleavage earlier and proceeded to wipe away the lip gloss her smooch had left behind. “All I know is, if that ain’t enough to buy a new alternator, then come back tomorrow night. You can double it.  I guaran-damn-tee- it,” Sally said, as proud as if she’d won.  

The contest runs all of January and the winner will be selected at random on the 30th. So if you haven't gotten your copy yet, why not head over there and enter. You never know, you just might win.

Happy reading!