Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I got a new washing machine!


 So I got a new washing machine. No, it's not one of those fancy smancy front-end loaders. Although I'll admit I'd love to have one. This beauty literally landed in my lap for free and ended up on my porch, country style!
What type washing machine is it that has my heart beating faster than a speed cycle?
A Speed Queen with a huge stainless steel tub large enough to hold  kinds of heavy comforters, rugs or even thick hunting coats and coveralls.


Check it out. 




Isn’t she great? I say she 'cause us girls stick together when it comes to age and such, but I'm estimating this particular Speed Queen to have been manufactured around 1940-1950. Her value, probably about $400.00. And I'll bet this heavy duty washing machine has seen many loads of clothes, bedspreads, blankets, you name it. That tub's reaaaalllly big! Imagine, because of this niffty appliance, countless of children marched off to school in freshly laundered little duds.

Although a wringer washer requires a little more work than what we're used to, like feeding the clothers through the rolling pins, and then rinsing them in an entirely different wash tub filled with water (that gets sudsy quicker than you think) it sure beats some of the other washing machines.

Like this one:  I don't think it'd hold more
than a couple pair or blue jeans.
Yep, no doubt this invention was greeted wholeheartedly by women everwhere. Much easier than this good ol' fashioned wash board, right? And try using homeade lye soap made from animal fat! 
Look at that face! She's actually smiling? Wash day...happy day. What'dya think?