Monday, January 25, 2016

A New Year calls for a celebration. Cheers! Bottoms up!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!

Might I suggest you pull up a chair or plop down at the bar with a frosty cool one. If the year was
1892, you might have been handed your beverage in a Wilton Armetale pewter mug like this one. A family-owned company founded by Ralph P. Wilton, Sr. in Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania.
These mugs are individually cast and hand-finished so no two pieces are alike.
There are many designs to chose from. I was lucky enough to receive this mug for Christmas.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

And for those of us who require just a shot to keep the old joints lubed, how about this?

This particular glass holds about two oz. A goodly portion to get the job done. Plus, the detail on this shot glass is enough to make one order...well, several! Keep 'em coming, eh?

Made in Germany, Rein Zinn shot glasses are beautifully rich in design. And that's not all the folks at Rein Zinn make. There's tankards, steins, spoons and many more fashionable crafted items.

Lastly, how about this lovely pair? For the collector who literally has everything might be tempted to add FRANCE frosted shot glasses. I bought them for the handsome replica of tall-masted sailing ships. But ended up grabbing the stage coach as well because one never knows when the urge to hit the road may strike. Looking on Ebay I saw a liquor decanter that completes the set. I just may have to do some bidding.

Bottoms up!