Friday, May 27, 2016

Downton Abbey- DVD collection

Downton Abbey- my new addiction

I know, I’m late to the party. This wonderful series has actually ended now but thankfully available to first-timers like me on DVD.

The year is 1912, the setting- a Edwardian country house filled with the Crawley family, servants and secrets.

Robert, the Earl of Grantham and his American heiress wife Cora are having a perfectly idyllic life with their 3 daughters.

Mary, the oldest, Edith, a somewhat spiteful middle, and Sybil, sweet tempered and liberal minded for her times.

It’s highly addictive to watch this family with its intricate dealings of society’s expectations, meddling family members and both, deceitful and honorable servants go about a somewhat normal daily routine.

There’s the stiff Mr. Carson who runs the household, along with Mrs. Hughes- who actually has never been married. Add Mr. Bates, a somewhat scarred fellow who walks with a limp, nevertheless  possesses a deep loyalty to the earl. So deep in fact, he puts his own happiness above that of the Crawley family. 

And I find it nerve-wracking to watch Thomas and O’Brien smoking in the yard and plotting the next disaster to bring Downton.

One could never forget the insufferable Dowager Countess, Violet, mother to the earl and although she regards her Cora as an interloper, the old girl upholds secrets that could bring the house down. Truthfully, I adore her!

With the sinking of the Titanic and a lost heir, Mathew Crawley, third cousin once removed is brought to the estate as heir to an earldom. What better solution to keep Downton in the family than for lady Mary to marry him. If she would only agree before another heir may or may not be born. One fleeting moment changes everything.

And that’s barely a skim of the characters or goings on. There's Daisy and Anna, oh, and Jayne, who if word ever got out, would cause havoc for sure! In a house this size there is never a dull moment! I’m eagerly devouring and must be careful to avoid spoilers when using Google.

Oh, and that nasty habit I have of collecting odds and ends- look what just turned up.

 Now, really, doesn’t this remind you of Lady Sybil and her chauffer Branson? Lady Edith learned to drive one as well. I call it my Downton Abbey glass for tea.

Who’s your favorite at Downton?  


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