Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Another year is wrapping up and I’m knee-deep in holiday traditions. So much so, every weekend is filled shopping, baking, and spending time with those I love.


Aside from giggles with these two sweeties, there’ll be goodies! Carmel corn, chocolate fudge, cookies and cakes to eat all the days of Dec. And with the snacks come movies! Hours and hours of Christmas shows I’ve seen waaaaay too many times to count. Somehow I always manage to drop everything and sit down (or wrap presents while watching) and enjoy. In no time at all, I'm chuckling at the antics of Ralphie in The Christmas Story desperate to get his Red-Rider BB gun. Or marveling at how young June Lockhart was when she played in the original black and white A Christmas Carol.  The neighbors will probably hear me laughing at Red Skelton’s Christmas follies.


Now that I'm all grown up, the holidays can be a trifle sad if I start thinking how much I miss the old days. My own memories of Christmases past- me as a child, sharing in the joy and magic of the season with my brother always warms my heart.

I have a favorite memory of waiting in the car with my brother outside the toy store while Mom and Dad shopped. Santa was standing on the street corner ringing his bell and I worried about him working so late. I mean, gosh, he had such a big night ahead. The more I thought about it, the more I realized he must have already had his sled packed waiting nearby with the list tucked inside his bag. The one with all the names. Maybe even my name.

You see, I was pretty certain that I'd made the list, but things definitely looked iffy for my brother. And he must have been really worried too because eventually my brother rolled down the car window and called him over. After about a million psst! Hey, Santa! the big guy finally came over with a bellowing Ho! Ho! Ho! and handed each of us a candy cane.
Right about then Mom and Dad came out of the store. Dad opened the trunk as Santa walked over beside him. Twisting around in the backseat we peeked through the crack beneath the car's hood to watch them. Suppose they were trading secrets? Like last minute gift ideas. Not that Santa needs any suggestions but you never know.

And what to our wondering eyes did we see...? Our dad and Santa standing back there sharing a nip of holiday cheer! Yep! Jolly old St. Nick with his beard pulled up and head tipped back. Santa was well on his way to getting merry- (at least that's what I heard my dad say later when he got in the car.)
I don't think Mom was too happy.
But for us, it was a joyful time filled with snowflakes and icicles. :  )

I can almost feel the crisp night air as our breaths clouded around us. The cold frosty car windows and sweet tasting candy cane. Cheerful faces in my mind like a Norman Rockwell painting, folks rushing through the deepening twilight, darting in and out of the stores to grab last minute gifts or food. Everytime the doors would swing open holiday music would drift out into the street. The smiles and greetings left me with a warm contagious feeling that I get every December as the 25th draws near.

The most wonderful time of the year!  Why can't every day be like Christmas? At least the feelings of peace, hope, and love, all year long.

Whatever your memorie are, may your hearts be filled with the warm spirit of Christmas!