Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Coming Soon- Letters From Inside...

What scares you?       

As a teenager, my highlight of summer was weekend movies. Classics such as The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. I sat surrounded by darkness unable to look away from the gore-fest or the blood-curdling screams.

Years later, I moved miles from town into a rustic old farmhouse. I loved the quiet, the privacy and when hubby left for a week long trip, I looked forward to the solitude. It was dusk and I was coming home from town in no particular hurry. After all... there was absolutely no one expecting me.

And then HE came along, driving a dirty gold Pontiac and pulled right out in front of me, tires squealing when they hit the paved road and burning rubber for several hundred feet.He had dark windblown hair from the open car window, shaggy. A tanned, muscular tattooed arm hung from the window, his hand drumming the side of his car to the beat of his music. Our cars passed in an instant and my gaze flew to the rear-view mirror, thankful not to have to been killed. But my relief turned to panic when the guy did a U-turn in the road, zooming up behind me as if our bumpers were magnetic.
He passed me and turned onto the dirt road, sped up, did a doughnut and headed right toward me.

By now, my heart was an enormous lump in my throat which undoubtedly interfered with the oxygen leading to my brain. It's my only excuse because without thinking, I pulled my car over to the side of the road and got out, yelling, “Do you have a problem or what?”

At least one functioning brain cell prevented me from approaching his car, where he'd parked on the edge of the road, his engine idling loud and burning oil, the muffler rumbling like something from a Grinder-House horror flick. He crushed an empty beer can and tossed it to the ground. Without saying a word, the guy gave a goofy grin, a wave, and sped off.

Thankfully, my house was only a few mailboxes down and I quickly turned into the drive and hurried inside. But darkness fell, so black it seemed as if I'd been swallowed up. I crept around the empty house, peeking out every window, praying he didn't come back.

I never saw him again. But the seed was planted and a novel came forth.

Letters From Inside.  A single mother trying to live quietly in her rural ancestral home with no idea her rebellious daughter has opened a door to danger.  


  1. Thanks Christine! I've waited a long time to share this one and can't believe it's happening at last. : )


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