Saturday, November 28, 2015

I love holiday stories and even wrote one of my own. The Season for Miracles, the story of a little girl and her dog alone on a snowy Christmas Eve. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, now is the perfect time because it's free!

One snowy Christmas Eve street urchin Victoria and her little dog spend hours wandering the chilly streets selling ribbons and peering through the store glass windows at the grand gifts designed to fill boys and girls Christmas wishes everywhere. 
But Victoria has a wish of her own. A yearning for something she wants more than anything else in the world. And perhaps this year Father Christmas will find her and make all her dreams come true. 
When a withered old storekeeper and his gentle wife find themselves in her company, they are at a loss. The couple has long forgotten the joys of Christmas spent with a child and the magic sure to follow when they open their home and their hearts to... The Season For Miracles.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's down-right Frightful how fast time flies!!!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe its November already...What? And that it's nearly over? OMG! Time really does fly!

I hope that you know but just in case, let me say how very much I appreciate all you magnificent readers. I'm like Wow! Because of you my romance novel, Man of Her Dreams, continues selling on Amazon.

And of course, that means someone out there is reading it!!

It always spurs me on to keep plotting and writing the next installment- Glory Daze, a novel featuring Dottie and Earl on their anniversary road trip. So many funny things happen to them, none the least that they find amusing at the time but you know what they say, don't you? 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'
I swear, by the time they get back home- if they get back- they'll be able to bench a truck! Or at least the vintage old Honda they're riding. Do you wanna peek? They've stopped at a motel for the night after a grueling day on the road.

*   *   * 
       Dot came out of the bathroom wearing her comfortable green robe. “I feel as if I’ve hit the ground from a forty-foot drop,” she said as she wobbled into the room,. Her body ached in places she’d forgotten she had. “Are you sure we didn’t wipe out back there?”  
    Earl balanced on the edge of the chair trying to toe off his new leather boots.  “Back where?” he managed to squeak out as he tugged on the offending boot.    
    “Here, there. I don’t know. Where the heck are we?” She slid around the edge of the bed stopping at the foot where he’d tossed their luggage. “Every bone in my body hurts,” she said, unzipping the leather bag.  “I’m glad I remembered to pack the ointment.” Dot retrieved the tube of topical arthritis pain medicine. “Be a sweetie and rub some on my back.”
       Earl was pulling on the heel of his boot, his face red and forehead dotted with sweat. “Let me get these damn shoes off first” he grimaced, hooking the boot’s heel on the edge of the coffee table and pulled. A white stocking foot slowly emerged. He repeated the process, freeing his other foot from the stiff leather boot and sent it sailing across the room.
     He fell back into the plush chair cushions; both arms flung to his side as he closed his eyes. “Ahhh.” He flexed his feet and wiggled his toes. “Whose idea was it to wear new boots, anyways?”
     “Yours, remember? Along with the leather jacket and Oakley’s?” She eyed the white double duvet on the bed and made slow process toward the center of the cushiony mattress.  “No sense looking like an amateur, you said.”
     “As if. You forget, this isn’t my first rodeo.”
    “Yeah. And the Honda’s no horse, either.”
    “I’ll admit these days I’m more of a soft leather type. Like George Clooney or Cary Grant …” Dot held back a laugh. Ha! George Clooney my foot. And the only resemblance Earl had to Cary Grant was the dusting of gray hair. 
    “…distinguished. Comfortable. Did we by any chance pack my Rockford’s?”
       She gave a weak grin and twisted her shoulders left, then right, stiff joints cracking noisily as she moved. “They’re in the bag. I’ll dig them out in the morning,” Once more holding out the lotion. “But for now, can we concentrate on me? Please? I can’t get rid of these kinks in my lower back."
     “In a minute, Dot. I wanna make sure you packed the shoes.”
      She shrugged and tilted her head; the continual racket as she attempted to loosen her neck was drowned by embarassing creeks coming from her knees as she tried to sit cross-legged on the bed. She should probably just pop a couple ibuprofens and forget the lotion. Earl looked worn out as he stood rummaging through the satchel.
       “Aha!” he said as he pulled out the worn leather shoes and set them on the floor. Earl moved like a hundred year old turtle- backing up to the edge of the bed while keeping his back ram-rod straight- like it were tied to a board and then descended slowly onto the mattress. Part of her wanted to feel bad for him. Six hours on the back of a motorcycle was a tad much. But this whole anniversary road trip was his idea. He needed to act his age. Which was middle-aged, not some empty-headed twerp barely out of high school.    
       Earl turned slowly and took the tube from her. “Okay, Dot. Where’s it hurt?”
      “A better question would be where does it not hurt? Which would be my chin, probably because it was cushioned against your back.”
      “I know. I have a dent to prove it.” He unscrewed the tube, making a face as the vapors released into the air. The tube made a noise as he squirted a generous pile in his palm.
      Immediately the scent of camphor wafted between them. “I’ll be quick.” The cold ointment touched her skin followed by Earl’s strong palms, rubbing the cream between her shoulder blades.
     Naturally. She groaned. If she had a dollar for every time she’d heard that lately she could afford her own private masseuse.  Hard to believe they used to spend hours in bed, rubbing bottle and bottle of oil into each other’s skin. The radio would be playing softly in the background and a gentle breeze from a window fan gave them just the right amount of privacy in their tiny apartment.
    Splat! Earl pushed the lotion up around her neck, massaging the nape of her neck and carelessly hitting the rim of her ears which immediately started to burn. When did he become so rough?
     Dot closed her eyes. Some things never change despite their location. But she could pretend…let herself dream she was being pampered in a fancy ladies spa hotel with a muscular masseuse rubbing herbal scented oils into her skin…flirting…playing.
     Lost in a daydream the smelly lotion took on a fruity aroma, of pineapple and coconut and she pretended to feel the heat of the tropical sun beaming down….
     “How’s that?” He said, slapping her on the back. "Better?"
     Pop! The fantasy ended but the heat penetrated deep into her aching muscles brought immediate relief. In a matter of moments soothing warmth began to work its magic.
       “Anything else?” Earl said as he capped the tube and tossed it onto the bed. He strolled across the room in his stocking feet, soundless, except for the noise sounding like pop-rocks coming from his joints. “Epson salt? A pedicure? Maybe you’d like some hot towels to drape around your sore shoulders?”
       She ignored the sarcasm. “Mmm…Sounds wonderful,” she murmured, and stretched out across the soft bed, closing her eyes. “I’d be willing to try anything but I can hardly move much less roll over.”
      She could hear Earl rummaging around in the bag but she was too weary to open her eyes. He was big enough to lay out his own socks.
     “Who said you need to roll over?” He slid across the spread beside her.
     Suddenly cautious, and very leery of his tone, Dot cracked one eyelid. What squirrel crawled up his leg? She twisted just enough to see him more clearly, taking note of the gleam in his eyes as he arched his brow. “I have just the thing here that’ll fix you right up. Something to take the edge off.”
       “The edge off what?” She attempted to sit up, but his arm flailed out preventing her from sitting up. Instead, she lay back and turned onto her side to face him. “Earl?”       

      He raised his eyebrows rapidly in a wiggling, comical, silent-movie fashion. “Inquiring minds want to know.” 

First draft stage and all but definitely fun. I love road trips, don't  you?