Friday, July 24, 2015

In the good ol' summer time

All Natural Bug Spray for those pesky mosquitos

1 tsp. lemongrass oil
1 tsp. eucalypluas oil
1 tsp. citronellal oil
6 oz WitchHazel

Mix and pour into pretty spray bottles to keep handy on the porch. Smells so good I'm tempted to squirt just for the aroma!

The first day of summer came and went without comment. Little was the longest day of the year. And felt like the hottest. We've already seen tempatures in the mid-90s with a forecast of 100 degrees by the weekend. What's a person to do?

I know what I don't want to do. And that is miss out.

Because if I'm not careful one day pretty much feels like the next. And that's not how I hope to spend the lazy, hazy days of summer.

You see, I've got this tiny voice whispering in my ear, coming from an imaginary, drop-dead Fred kinda guy. And he's got lots of ideas, all kinds of things he swears I could do to enjoy the summer. Trouble is, he keeps forgetting I'm not a kid any more.

Seriously. Polar Bear swimming at dawn?

I'm so sure.

Eat peanutbutter toast and icy cold milk outside sitting on the front steps.

Geez, Louise.

Remember all the slippery fun and refreshing hours spent running under the water-sprinkle?

Dream on.

I'm a grownup with a to-do list a mile long...laundry, cleaning shopping and meal planning. My chores are endless. You think I can drop everything and play?


So what do you do when it's so blasted hot?

I'd love to hear your ideas.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's a Party!!

Help share in the launch of Christine's Warner's new book
                 A Friendly Engagement  by Christine Warner.

This is a facebook event. Log into the url below to join the fun. Win prizes! Meet new authors!
Be there or be square! : )
Thrusday - June 25
at 7:00pm - 10:30pm
   Grand Prize - $50 Amazon Gift Card

07:00 pm - Nikki Lynn Barrett
07:30 pm - Teresa Blue (Signed print copy of Letters From Inside - US Only)
08:00 pm - Kristina Knight, Romance Author, Romance Author (3 e-Books {Winners' Choice} & a $10 Starbucks Gift Card
08:30 pm - Lora Lee - Author (Giveaway: Signed print copy of Bringing in the Thieves and $5 Amazon Gift Card)
09:00 pm - Callie Hutton (The Baron's Betrayal - Print {US Only} & e-Book {International})
09:30 pm - Sarah Ballance (Paperback copy of The Marriage Agenda to US entrants and $15 Amazon Gift Card to International entrants)
10:00 pm - Christine Warner ($50 Amazon Gift Card)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Letters From Inside Book Blitz

Novel Book Tours and I have teamed up to give a shout blasting my latest release Letters From Inside in case hadn't heard. I'm thrilled to at last have the opportunity to share with you some of what I love best about the novel.  


The idea-

I love to be creeped out. Any unexpected noise sends me jumping off my seat, hands to mouth and eyes sqeezed shut.
                                   The dedication reads -
        This one is for me. Because it started with a simple evening drive.

And the squeal of your tires as you recklessly sped past.

              You nearly ran me off the road and

                          Your blurry gaze left me wondering…

                                  If you were coming back.



If you're curious how it all began: read about here-  

A great thing about being an author is typing along, making stuff up in your mind and -wham! Your character lets loose. Its like- OMG, I can’t believe I wrote that!

Here's a sample of the things that popped up when I least expected.



Jessie, the darling daughter that has foolishly been exchanging letters with a prison pen-pal.


“Guess what I ask him?” Her girlish giggles erupted and she dropped her voice barely above a whisper. “If they really make license plates,” she said and snorted with laughter. “Can you imagine? I get my permit next year. I could probably get a discount on my tags.”


The worst part...she signed her mom's name to the letters!! Yikes! No doubt Linda has her hands full.

Detective Tom Harrington tries to stop the parole.

 At the parole hearing Tom watched Jenkins practically bouncing in his seat, his eyes and face flushed with excitement, and wondered if any minute the guy would raise his hands and give a testimony.
"I got plans," Jenkins said, "once I'm released. My lady's got everything I ever wanted. A big house, and lots of land for farming. Lots of possibilities. I going to spend my days farming, fishing, and well, you know, it's been a long time. "

A peaceful evening at home is brought to a screeching hault....
The ringing telephone brought Linda back to reality. “Hello,” she answered. There was no response, just dead silence. “Who is this?” she said firmly. The only response she got was heavy breathing.

“Who was it, Mom?” Jessie asked. “Anyone for me?”
Linda’s cheeks flushed as she struggled to keep a lid on her feelings. “I don’t know because whoever it was didn’t want to talk, preferring to slobber into the phone instead.” She glared in Jessie’s direction. “On second thought, maybe it was for you.”


And then there's the sex-pervert Carl Jenkins and his high hopes for them. Branded since he was fifteen in the juvie with a time-dot, Carl's been sneaking into homes and windows for a long time.
As a boy....
When he first arrived tonight, it had been his intention to see her eyes beaming with pleasure at the gift he'd brought her. But now, before he left, he needed to see them shining with gratitude. Gratitude that he'd allowed her to live.

He’s crept in through the bedroom window and waited for the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted.

“I came bearing gifts, and I expect a few trinkets in return.” He leaned down and nuzzled Linda on the neck. “I’m game for whatever it takes. Even if it takes all night long.”
There was nothing gentle as he continued to kiss her, his breathing growing heavy...rapid. Strong arms imprisoned her like bands of steel. He finds their weakness, Tom had said.

Secondary characters are such fun. Meet Flo, a loveable waitress who made the mistake of loving the wrong man.
"Is everything all right?" she asked, lightly touching his shoulder. She kissed his cheek. Her harispray stung his eyes. "You're sweaty. Why don't you take off your hat while I get you a beer? I've got a surprise for you."
By the time he turned around, she'd aready hurried back to the stove, lifted the pan and shook it vigorously, sending the glazed shrimp around the rim without dropping a single one and then set the pan back on the burner. Despite her size, she flitted around the kitchen like a hubbing bird, swift and precise.
He pressed the hat's knit edges around his ears and slowly unrolled the stocking cap into place, pausing to adjust the material across his nose and eyes before finally covering the rest of his face.
"I've got a surprise for you, too."

Ooooh, he is such a bad dude!

I hope you'll check it out and let me know what  you think. And thank you so much for dropping by!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Now that's pretty!

Short and sweet today folks. Feeling a tad under the weather but I'm sure I'll bounce back. In the meantime, I've been collecting an assortment of dishes for a crafty idea I had. After finding the cup and saucer at a thrift store, I was ready to put it all together.

Ta-da! It's a bird bath. I plan on putting this outside of my She-shed. It'll catch water for the birds and chipmonks. Although I really wish Chip and Dale would hang out someplace else, they seem to like my flowers best.

Let's hope the birds do too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hurry! Sale ends soon!

I'm rushing in at the last minute to let you know Shadow Beneath the Sea, a Crimson Romance by Joanna Lloyd is in its final countdown hours! Hurry! Sale ends soon!

Lillian Marshall’s father is determined she will accompany him to England on board the great luxury liner, Lusitania. Walter Marshall needs an accomplice in crime to execute a shrewd con to make their fortune. She is faced with an impossible decision - stay in America and marry a man she doesn’t love for stability and security, or face her fear of sea travel, her father’s crooked schemes, and an unknown future to reunite with a family she’s never known.
When Edward James books passage to England on the Lusitania, he believes his future is at last out of his father’s hands and his career as a musician is within reach. Before the ship sails, Edward becomes an unwitting ally in Walter’s plan to force his reluctant daughter onto the ship. Edward finds himself drawn to the intriguing Lillian and seeks her company at every opportunity; finally facing the possibility that it may be Lillian who holds his heart.
Unfortunately, his uncle has more insidious plans to wed Edward to the cold-hearted Lavinia Armitage, daughter of a family business partner.
So begins a love story hindered by class, time, and promises - Edward’s to marry Lavinia and Lillian’s to steal from the man she loves. Against a backdrop of vivid characters, obscene wealth, secrets, lies, and deceit, they are both on a countdown toward one of the greatest war-time shipping tragedies in history.
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Personality color wheel


Recently I stumbled across this a color wheel. Since I'm always looking ways to add more depth to my characterization, I thought I’d check it out. Its design can help showcase your character(s) and his/her mood by adding a splash of color.


Personalities can be divided into colors; each color represents a different trait. Knowing the color can help better describe the person.



Red: Courageous and confident. Reds crave attention. You’re physically active and naturally sex is a necessity to you. If you’re a red, you’re most likely very ambitious, play hard and like to win. You’re more interested in facts and avoid details, in a hurry to get the results. Often, they are fast thinkers and tend to move quickly.


Yellow: Mellow yellow, anyone? They are the life of the party; social and expressive, yellows are imaginative and enthusiastic. They don’t like to be asked to suppress their opinions and never try and discourage a yellow’s natural creativity.


Blue: Those with the color blue in their chart are organized, or at least they like to be. Don’t disrupt their space! Wherever it may be, that little corner or the room or area beside the chair is exactly how they want it to be. They can’t stand being late, (I’m a blue and I seriously get cramps if it appears I’ll be late.) A blue is also considered trustworthy and in turn can be quite trusting of others- although a bit leery at first. Win a blue for a friend and you’ve gained a true-blue friend.


Green: Green people tend to need more. More of an answer, that is. Greens want specific, curious as to the why or how of something. They tend to ask lots of questions, using a soft and polite voice. They are organized and neat to a fault, persistent and always follow through. If it sounds as if green people are perfect, think again. Many are hard to please and tend to over analyze everything. Because of this, they can become depressed and lonely.

There are many more colors and personality traits. What color are you? Take the test and find out. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

When Pink's not pretty...

Everyone is familiar with the pink ribbon and its implication that beneath the pink there’s a woman with breast cancer. And fighting for her life.

I’m always mindful that it could just as easily be me and gladly give money to help. I pray that scientist find the answers to end cancer soon. Someone must find the cure to the devastating diagnosis that affects far too many women and the lives of their families. 

A month ago my daughter decided not to cancel yet another mammogram, and instead, kept the appointment she’d been putting off for way too long. And received the news. The tender lump between her armpit and breast turned out to be IDC- invasive ductal carcinoma which forms in the milk ducts.

Suddenly, things have come to a screeching halt as she rediscovers the importance of diet, health, and lifestyle. The erratic pace I watched her run for years- errands, work, and even parenting, has taken a backseat while she’s forced to do whatever means necessary to survive.

Why didn’t she go to the doctor's sooner? Was she really so busy she couldn’t make one very important checkup? The means of preventing such catastrophic results are available but only if you take the time to follow through. Please….

Don’t put it off. The world is much nicer with you in it.