Friday, April 24, 2015

When Pink's not pretty...

Everyone is familiar with the pink ribbon and its implication that beneath the pink there’s a woman with breast cancer. And fighting for her life.

I’m always mindful that it could just as easily be me and gladly give money to help. I pray that scientist find the answers to end cancer soon. Someone must find the cure to the devastating diagnosis that affects far too many women and the lives of their families. 

A month ago my daughter decided not to cancel yet another mammogram, and instead, kept the appointment she’d been putting off for way too long. And received the news. The tender lump between her armpit and breast turned out to be IDC- invasive ductal carcinoma which forms in the milk ducts.

Suddenly, things have come to a screeching halt as she rediscovers the importance of diet, health, and lifestyle. The erratic pace I watched her run for years- errands, work, and even parenting, has taken a backseat while she’s forced to do whatever means necessary to survive.

Why didn’t she go to the doctor's sooner? Was she really so busy she couldn’t make one very important checkup? The means of preventing such catastrophic results are available but only if you take the time to follow through. Please….

Don’t put it off. The world is much nicer with you in it.



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