Monday, April 13, 2015

Welcome Glenda, the good witch, and the Tin Man

My cast of dolls from the Wizard of Oz is nearly complete. Recently added is
Glenda, the good witch- who floated down in a bubble, dressed in a soft pink gown, a crown resting on top of beautiful red curls.

I never realized how smart she really was until I searched for a bit of encouraging words from the lady herself.

Glenda- "Home is a place we must all find, child. It's not just a place where you eat or sleep. Home is knowing, knowing your mind. Knowing your heart, knowing  your courage. If we know ourselves we are always home, anywhere."

And her advice to the great and powerful Oz- "You're capable of more than you know."

And of course what fairy-tale is complete without a hero. 

Meet the Tin Man- that cute little woodcutter who while searching for a heart, stole ours as well. He looked danger in the face but willing admitted- his only fear was being caught in a thunderstorm without his oil can.

He believed: "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others."

I'm not sure how many more dolls there actually are from the Oz collection but I do know there is the Wizard. And I would love to find a monkey wearing one of those red and black striped suits. We'll see. 

Until then, it'll be fun to see what turns up. :  ) 


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