Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hurry! Sale ends soon!

I'm rushing in at the last minute to let you know Shadow Beneath the Sea, a Crimson Romance by Joanna Lloyd is in its final countdown hours! Hurry! Sale ends soon!


Lillian Marshall’s father is determined she will accompany him to England on board the great luxury liner, Lusitania. Walter Marshall needs an accomplice in crime to execute a shrewd con to make their fortune. She is faced with an impossible decision - stay in America and marry a man she doesn’t love for stability and security, or face her fear of sea travel, her father’s crooked schemes, and an unknown future to reunite with a family she’s never known.
When Edward James books passage to England on the Lusitania, he believes his future is at last out of his father’s hands and his career as a musician is within reach. Before the ship sails, Edward becomes an unwitting ally in Walter’s plan to force his reluctant daughter onto the ship. Edward finds himself drawn to the intriguing Lillian and seeks her company at every opportunity; finally facing the possibility that it may be Lillian who holds his heart.
Unfortunately, his uncle has more insidious plans to wed Edward to the cold-hearted Lavinia Armitage, daughter of a family business partner.
So begins a love story hindered by class, time, and promises - Edward’s to marry Lavinia and Lillian’s to steal from the man she loves. Against a backdrop of vivid characters, obscene wealth, secrets, lies, and deceit, they are both on a countdown toward one of the greatest war-time shipping tragedies in history.
Sensuality Level: Sensual


  1. I love Joanna Lloyd's novels! What a great price for a treasure of historical romance fiction!

    1. A lovely description Deborah! The Lusitania makes the perfect backdrop of grand romance cloaked in secrets!

  2. Thanks for the post, Teresa! And your lovely comment, Deborah.

    1. You're so welcome, Joanna. Just reading the blurb makes me want to slip into a fur and pearls and book passage-I mean, buy the book!


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