Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

Finally...December 1st! My very favorite time of the year!

You know how I love a good coffee cup. Check this out.

Isn't it great? I so enjoy the steaming hot coffee as I tiptoe around early in the morning.

Rarely do I find enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my list to do during this very busy month, but hey, who does? We do what we can and have fun doing it!

Today starts the month off with our annual Cookie Party! 

Yep. We've been doing this for fifteen years and it's still going strong. With holiday shopping, decorating and trying to keep up with school programs, there's never enough time to really visit over the holidays. So we created the cookie exchange as the one day we forget about all the 'stuff' we  have to do and for a few hours enjoy the time spent with each other. Although it has grown considerably as the youngest girls grow up and are now participating as well. Mothers, cousins, aunts and kids of all ages bring a few dozen cookies (alright- this year its eight dozen to be exact. That's 96 cookies folks but who's counting?) and steaming hot dish to share.

This year I made those delicious chocolate Crinkles we get from Panara's. They're chewing and minty and oh-so-good!

Have a look.

Now, I've got to package them up, whip up a snack and I'm out the door! I'll add pictures of the party tomorrow.

Here's to a great day!


  1. Those cookies look so good!! Hope you all had a lovely day.

  2. Hello Dawn! It was such fun! The cookies were great and the weather even better. Although I'm beginning to wish for snow now. At least until Dec 25.


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