Friday, December 14, 2012

Karma Loves Me!

Holly, holly guys! Ain't he cute?

But that's not what this post is about. Actually it's about old movies. The hard to find but never forgotten ones that live in our hearts forever.

 Karma loves me.

Or so it seems anyway. See, it all started like this….


My sister and I meet frequently, seriously, like every day or so at mom’s where we go to drink coffee. A place to sit and talk about everything under the sun and quite often we end up on the subject of some of our favorite movies. What we watched over the weekend or planned see.


Since old movies really are the best, our conversation usually turns to starlets or handsome leading men of the day. A time when Hollywood was filled with glamour, limousines, fur wraps and tuxedos.

We’re talking old legends here. Stars like Rex Harris, Doris Day, or Judy Garland. Remember Dial M for murder? And who would have thought the beautiful blond Grace Kelly would marry and become a real princess?


The conversation rambled on and on someone mentioned how much Don Knots looks like our cousin Jimmy, who passed away. We laughed with The Ghost and Mr. Chicken and that spooky playing piano. And then shifted to Margery Main who starred in Ma & Pa Kettle and the scene where she disappears into the wall on a Murphy bed. LOL. Pa’s tobacco slogan won them a brand new house complete with a pull down bed and a walk-in sauna (which he uses as a clothes dryer.) And we both agree that Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with Jane Powell and Howard Keel is the absolute best musical ever made. It literally takes days to get those songs out of my head.


And then I hit upon one she had never heard of.
Fancy Pants. A story about a British valet brought to the old west to teach Old World charm to a redheaded tomboy. But Bob Hope’s only portraying to be an English butler, he’s really an out or work actor and ultimately the townspeople believe him to be a real live earl. Teamed up with Lucille Ball, there’s a scene where he styles her hair into a tall birdcage complete with a singing canary! This movie left tears streaming down my face, I laughed so.


So over the weekend while digging through old relics of VHS being offered a last chance sale I found it! For the piddly price of .99 cents I now have a copy of my very own to watch anytime I choose.   :  )


Oh…life is good.


 Or as Red Skelton would… say Goodbye and God Bless.  


  1. Don't you just love when something like that happens. I love all those old movies especially anything Hitchcock. The Lady Vanishes is one of my favs.

    1. Sure do! And I don't believe I've ever seen The Lady Vanishes, I'll have to look for it. I love Hitchcock and will never forget The Birds. : )


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