Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's in your cupboard?

Remember running to the cupboard and grabbing your favorite glass before anyone else had a chance to get it? In my case, my brother and I always struggled in front of the sink, making Mom nervous as we sloshed whatever kool-aid concoction we had. He usually managed to get Tom leaving me with the Jerry jelly glass. But I didn't mind too much.

Little did I know I would lose those jelly glasses years later to a slicker, more smooth talking kind of guy. My grandson carried them off once he became enaromed with cartoons. Still, it's reassuring to know kids really haven't changed much.

Remember when MacDonalds gave away these cool mugs? The year was 1993. Wow, seems like only yesterday.

And for the more serious occassions, like watching television, my hubby and I grab for these glasses. He claims the textured flowers on the side prevents slipping. Me, however, I just love the flowers and wonderful colors.

I will turn the entire kitchen upside down searching for the one cup I must have to enjoy my coffee in the morning. The white Diner style cup has OHIO written on the bottom and most likely did serve many a truck driver or weary traveler before I rescued it. It holds about 6oz. just enough to keep the coffee piping hot (a must for me.) Of course I can use the beige one...gee, I'm not a stickler, you know. : ) But I prefer the other. Last weekend I accidently dropped it on ceramic tile and it didn't even break. No fooling. It sounded like a tree falling, coffee went everywhere, but the cup was still in one peice.

What can say? They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Do you have a favorite, must have cup or plate you love to use?


  1. Love this...brings back some great memories! I have some of the same cups as you too Tere! Like the McDonald's mugs, and do you remember the Campbell soup mugs, not the ones they make now, but I have the set from the late 60's...and an old Dr Seuss Thermos (the one that is glass on the inside). But my favorite glasses are the set from my grandmother, the atomic fish ones...clear glass with turquoise fish..they are the perfect size for tea, milk, water or whatever! Love them!

    Enjoyed your post and pics!

  2. OMG, I would love to see the Dr. Suess Thermos! And I know exactly the glasses you're talking about! Some of the dishes they used to make are just so darn...well, collectable! I love finding them.
    Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. I appreciate it so much!

  3. I hate using a glass that has a thick lip. My dh bought a whole case of them. I avoid using them, preferring some old glasses that have flowers on them--like yours--and a thin lip. Silly, I know.

  4. Hi Diane~
    I don't think it's silly because we know what works for us. I find it very hard to drink out of those really big coffee cups. Very thoughtful of your dh though. Mine thinks the cupboards came fully stocked. : )

  5. A glass Garfield cup was my favorite growing up. When I got married, I discovered my hubby had one too. Guess we were destined to be together!!

  6. Hi Linda~
    I just love Garfield and his dry sense of humor and think it's neat you guys were enjoying the same stuff even when you were little. Goes to show what a great match you guys are. : ) My hubby and I are totally different in our likes and I can usually guarantee if I hate something, he's absoluetly raves about it! A wonder we get along at all. Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you stopped by!


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