Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Choosing a TBR, Keeper or Donate?

I was reorganizing my bookshelves yesterday trying to make room for the ever growing pile of TBR (to be read) books. Seriously, I have them double lined now on four separate bookselves. Since there's no room to add another book shelf, I've got some thinning out to do. I'll give the ones that I've read or for whatever reason, books I know I won't be reading, to my fantastic sister-in-law in an effort to make room on the shelves for more. And with our chapter retreat (Mid-Michigan RWA writers retreat) in April, I know I'll end up with several bags, baskets and arms full of juicy stories to cart home.

Back at the shelf. So far I have a nice, tidy pile. Small, and well...embarassing. I mean, come on. There's got to several hundred books up there! And the pitiful few books on the floor won't even fill one bag. I sigh heavily and pull down a couple more, then add to the stack without reading the backcover blurb, because if I did that....

I am not stingy. Honest. But somewhere in the back of my mind is a vision. Call it a premonition, but I catch myself dreaming of the day when I've got nothing to do except put my feet up, select a glossy dark chocolate from the box nearby and read uninterrupted for hours. My housekeeper will vacum around me and dear hubby will come home after working overtime with a stack of movies he plans to watch all evening while I read. Oh, and there'll also be chinese take out for dinner.


Double-Bubble! Did you hear the pop? As in wishfully dreaming. Those days aren't here yet. But there's always the chance I mght fall and break a leg or something. Suppose I were forced to convalesce on the sofa for days? I'd need all those books to get me though it, right?

Oh, boy! That would never happen. The laid up part. There's no way DH would hear of it. Handy Andy would be out in the garage so fast I'd get whiplash, rigging up some kind of splint or automatic prop. Hopefully using the endless amount of foam rubber he aquired from his bro's trailer factory days. : )

But that's a different blog story. So...back to the books.

How to do decide what to give away and what to keep?


  1. LOL..I have so been where you are! I not only had shelves full, but stored several in shelves in my basement, a storage box under my bed and I cleared out my cedar chest (a gift from my grandmother) to fill it with books. Well, after several years and a few odd looks from my husband, I donated several to my sister and goodwill. I had read most of them, but I didn't bother to read the blurbs on the back or they wouldn't have gone anywhere.

    The only ones I made a point to keep was the books by my favorite True Crime author Ann Rule. And okay, a few select romance novels. hehehehe. But I received a Nook a little over a year ago from my husband and though I still love the paper of a real book, I find that I have quite an extensive library on my nook now too...and it's a true space-saver.

    Oops...sorry for highjacking your blog and writing one of my own. LOL Enjoyed your post Tere!

  2. Hi Christine~
    I know, the e-readers are going to be a blessing down the road. I have a Kindle and although it holds alot of books, I haven't made the transition completely yet. For now, I have the wonderful tried and true books that gave me such joy and find it terribly hard to part with.
    You mentioned Ann Rule before and I forgot, but am definitely going to check her out. Glad you reminded me.
    Thanks so much for stopping in!


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