Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What does 'Going Green' really mean?

I love the concept of going green. Green can be anything that benefits our world. Finding ways to keep and use something long after most people would have tossed it out is a wonderful example of being green.

Look at this old enamal pot. Someone took the time to fix the hole worn in the bottom by repairing it with a metal washer and screw. I don't know if it leaks or not because I've never used it for cooking. I thought it'd be a perfect wastebasket in my country-style bathroom. Of course I keep a Sears and Roebuck catalogue in the magazine rack, too! : )

I'm happiest when uncovering something that has been in the lives of others before me. Once shiny and new, these tin pots probably held all kinds of soups and vegetables, long ears of corn or boiled water for the sink. An invaluable tool for the women who provided nourishment to working men and growing children many years before being retired to the flea market. The pot, not the women. : )


  1. Thanks so much for comming by, Patrish!

  2. I never would have thought about using an old pot as a wastebasket! But you're right, this is what "being green" is all about. Love your wall collection, too!

  3. Thank you, Patricia! I get a big chuckle out of watching my grandkids they take down the pans and play 'kitchen' on the porch. Weed soup with pea-size rocks is a favorite of theirs.

  4. Great idea for your bathroom wastebasket. Love it! And a high-five for letting your grandkids enjoy your collectibles. Another fun "green" idea.

  5. Very cool idea. I had a similar one and I used it as a flower pot.


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