Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Collecting and writing...fuel for the brain

I love to collect stuff. Always have and I've finally discovered how to tie both loves, my desire to write with my love of collecting stuff. Whenever I come across some neat old relic from days gone by, my mind immediately goes to the 'do you suppose' mode. You know, like 'who do you suppose first owned this item? Doesn't matter what it is, maybe I've come across an old telephone, the original number still visable in the center ring. Rembember when they had party lines? Maybe it was hooked to such a line. How often do you suppose they argued over the line being tied up? And whose phone number did it belong to? Was their last phone call made to an old friend or a close neighbor? Or did trembling fingers hurriedly dial 9-1-1 in an attempt to save someones life, maybe an urgent call for an ambulance because Auntie was having heart palpatations. Or maybe cousin Merl swallowed his dentures after having staggered home late from a night playing poker. No one checked in on him until it was too late. Sigh...poor guy.
See how fun collecting stuff can be?

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  1. It's that what if factor. You have it in writing and finding old things.


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