Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nothing to do...

So, I had foot surgery in December and have been house-bound for four weeks. And I've  got eight more weeks to go. Ugh!

What am I doing to keep myself entertained?

Let's see....

I'm watching the final season of Big Valley and falling more in love with tales of the Old West. It's so beautiful! I'm also up to season four of Little House On the Praire and have just started watching a comedy series from the 70's called Soap. This is one funny show centered around two families, the Campbells and the Tates.

Currently I am reading the latest Johanna Lindsey novel titled, Stormy Persuasion- A Malory family novel.
This series started in 1985 with "Love Only Once" and follows handsome Captain James Malory, many dashing pirates and rakes. Not to mention the daughters born over the course as they come of age. 

On somedays I even pull out my current WIP and work on that. I know, I'd promised myself I'd get this written but here I am, fiddling around doing NOTHING! And despite the fact the last chapter written is really fun- it unfortunately has me re-directing what happens next.

Somewhere between chapters six and eight. Not sure.

   The patrolman shoved his ticket pad deeper into his back pocket. He reached over and grabbed Dot pulling her arms behind her.

   “I may not have the right to go through your bag but I can search and seize any incriminating evidence I find on your person.” With that, he grabbed her wrists and spun her around, yanking both arms behind her while he dangled the handcuffs.

    “You can’t do that!”

    “I can and I will,” the patrolman muttered as the cuffs clicked into place.    

    Despite the fact her hands were locked behind her back, she still managed to dodge the officer for several more minutes as he made every attempt to pat her down. The moment he hands actually touched her body Dot let him have it with a mighty blow from her knee.

    Crack! The patrolman fell over backwards cupping his family jewels and knocking her off balance in the process. He wailed loudly. "You're going to regret that," he growed as he lunged at her.
    Dot was almost on her feet when the officer’s hand caught her ankle, tripping her to the ground.

    “Earl! I could use some help, here!”

Although I usually write in order, this chapter has jumped sequence and will have to go on a back burner for a bit.

Foolish me. I really thought I'd enjoy having nothing to do all day but watch tv or read. Until dinner time rolls around and I realize, crippled or not, I've still got to eat. And hubs is much happier if I've cooked something. And I miss going upstairs to my room and soaking in the whirlpool tub. I miss trying on clothes, I've worn nothing but stretch pants since the Dec. And I miss visiting with my mom even though I have managed to go once a week if hubby's not too tired after work to drive me. It takes quite a bit of manuvering to get the wheelchair or scooter outside, plus me, in this snow.  I've been using muscles I didn't know I had.

Enough complaining. Really am glad to be mending so nicely.

Soon, I'll be back on both feet and shopping for new shoes!!!

Until then....


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