Monday, July 9, 2012

Looking for blurbs...

My release date of August 13th is coming and I may be asked to come up with a back cover blurb of some sort. And then again, they might have something entirely different in store, who knows?

But in case I need a few ideas, I thought I'd experiment here.

Leslie Stone needs money fast. You’ve heard the expression “good girls don’t.” But what about those who are desperate?

Excerpt #1.

The smoothness of her skin was like scads of velvet and his hands started to shake. A soft sigh drifted between them as she picked at the vee of his shirt then slid her fingers beneath.
“What are you doing?” his voice came out gruff as he tried to keep him racing pulse under control.
“Why do you ask?” She grinned and lay back against the sofa.
“I guess because I’ve already agreed to fix your car.”

Excerpt #2 This is right before the big know.

“I don’t know what kind of thrills you’re looking for, Leslie. Or if everything’s just a game to you. But I’ll play.”
With a groan, he rolled onto his side. The need to feel her skin against his sent a surge of heat through him.
Passion scorched like fire in his veins, flames so fierce he could hear his own heartbeat pounding in his ears. He buried his face alongside her neck, dropping kisses from her earlobe to the delicate curve of her shoulder as his hands slid beneath her shirt.
“You’d better decide quickly if you’re staying or not. I can’t guarantee how much longer I’ll play nice.”
Leslie’s arms came up around him. “What can you guarantee, Jay?”
“A damned good time,” he said, and rolled on top, pinning her to the mattress.

Excerpt #3 Maybe I should pick a spot near the beginning of the story. Jay is giving Leslie a ride home because her car won't start.

“So, who’s the lucky guy?”
Leslie caressed the black yarn hair. “This is Mr. Jingles,” she said, and held a stuffed doll. “He’s been in my family forever. Mom insists this guy’s special.”
“Special how?”
“You know, magic,” and she grinned. “Okay. It doesn’t work, though. Although I haven’t the heart to tell her that. Besides, look at him. He is kind of sweet, don’t you think?”
Sprigs of yarn sprouted from Mr. Jingle’s head and a cherry red grin stitched permanently in place. The doll was cute and left you wanting to squeeze him. Jay shifted, shrugging off the twinge of envy that a toy could evoke such emotion. It was obvious she loved the doll. The fact it’d been handed down probably attached extra dose of sentiment to the lumpy toy. He couldn’t recall a single expression of warmth from his mom or the string of people who paraded through his life. “I guess. If you like squeezy, cheesy, happy stuff.”

And I'm digging around and have to share just one more tiny scene well...because I think it's so cute!

Excerpt #4 “Are you Jay Westfield?” He waved a pink slip of paper in the space between them before handing it to Jay. Baker’s Towing Service was printed across the top of the page. “Name’s Jim. That’s my rig over there. And that,” he pointed beneath the canopy of branches, “is the camper I just hauled. It’s late and I’d like to get paid so I can go home and hit the sack.” He tugged the rim of his tattered cap, a greasy smile curved his mouth. “If you don’t mind.”
“What the…?” Jay skimmed over the figures tallied on several lines. Hook up fees, insurance and delivery charges. One hundred forty-four dollars. “I didn’t hire you to haul anything. And I sure as hell ain’t paying you.”
A noise in the yard squeaked through the inky darkness. The unmistakable sound of a metal door. Chilly apprehension skittered along his spin. He knew that sound, had heard it often enough. All night long in fact, while drifting in and out of sleep. The rickety metal framed door as it swung open, then closed… one customer after the other.
Short grunts carried in the quiet as someone trudged across the spongy grass, followed by the soft thumps on the wood porch steps.
His mother… here?

I can't help laughing when Jay opens the door.

What do'ya think? Any ideas?


  1. Do I love the pink camper or what? Got to find out what's up now.

    Congrats on getting your story out to us. All the best, Annette

    1. I know, it's adorable! Nothing like family! LOL! Can't wait to hear what you think of Man of her Dreams. : )

  2. The pink camper is the bomb! I know, no help on the blurb. Great excerpts, though.

    1. Thanks, Diane! I have read so many back cover blurbs when when it comes time to write your own, everything suddenly looks like gibberish! Oh, the joys of publishing! I'm loving it!.

  3. It will come to you.

    Everybody has baggage. Leslie tried to ditch hers on a road trip, but when her car breaks down she finds the love of her life and his baggage is a fortune-telling mother in a pink camper.

    Still not good but I'm working on it! Annette

  4. That's give me some ideas, Annette. Like, Although she tried to fit the mold of perfection, Leslie discovers she has bumps that won't conform. Finding the love of her life could lead her to believe she's discovered happy ever after...until she meets his fortune-telling mother.

    : )

  5. You so have this blurb thing down. They're all great!

    1. I really needed to hear that! I doubt we'll be asked to supply one until the POD gets set up, but I figured in between time...when I should be writing. : ) I'd much ratehr play!
      Thanks for dropping in, Pam!


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