Monday, July 30, 2012

Call me Crazy!

Seriously…. With the release of my book Man of her Dreams just a few short weeks away, I’ve got a hundred things I should be doing. I'm told I need to get a promotional press release together for my local paper. A way to let the people in my community know that I SOLD A BOOK! But for the life of me, whenever I try to come up with something interesting to say about yours truly...well, it's like someone's stuffed a sock into my mouth. GAG ME!

I really hate talking about myself. The only thing I find worse than imagining anything even remotely interesting about me is trying to find a decent photo. Preferably one that makes me look about ten years younger, slim and vibrate...and oozing with personality. : ) And all this without misleading the readers- (remember- we talked about that) how disappointed they'd be if they expect one thing and get another.


So you see why it’s taking me forever to find just the right wrapping and bow to introduce Teresa Blue to the world?

Like I said, I'm pretty good I am at making myself CRAZY!

And so instead of doing all the unpleasant things I'd rather not even think about, I choose to do this.

And this.

Because nothing makes me happier than cooking for my kids. I’m making a peach cobbler because its family night at my house. I gathered the peaches yesterday and now I’m elbow up in dishes, vegetables and dirt. But that’s okay. After all, this is life and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

Merrily, is but a dream! : )

Last...I'm listed here as upcoming release.

And you can pre-order here at Amazon:


  1. The peaches look delish...I wish we were neighbors and you'd adopt me to join your family dinner nights! lol

    All of the promotional stuff is hard for sure....but I think the more you do, the easier it gets:)

    Good luck Tere...congrats on your release...MAN OF HER DREAMS is a wonderful story!

    1. I wish we were neighbors, too, Christine! Especially since I know you like to cook same as me. I'm waiting for the promo stuff to get easier. My fingers are crossed I'll get better.
      So glad you stopped by!


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