Friday, October 28, 2011

National Novel Writing Month-- Nano

I’m preparing for my very first Nano writing experience and have been scribbling like crazy a rough outline for a book I'll try to complete in thirty days.
30 days?! Like, am I nuts? It generally takes me a good year to complete a first draft and another year to revise it. Whatever foolish notion makes me think I can come up with an entire novel in one month?
Well...I won't know until I try. And it’s supposed to be like unleashing your dog-- 'er, muse, (my dogs go nuts when I unleash them, running with wild abandon across the yard and into the woods) setting 'em free with no editing what so ever. No going back to re-write. This, I know, will absoultely drive me bonkers because I love to read what I've written. Really, and in case you haven't guessed, let me confess. I am my own favorite author. I can spend days, weeks...Months!! even reading and tweaking a string of dialogue or two, maybe sprinkle in just a tad more description to flavor the scene. No, on second thought, take that out because it slows down the pace. Twittle and change. It's what I love to do. See why I need Nano? I swear some folks really do benefit from a swift kick in the rear and I'm one of them. So, I'm planning to give the entire month of November my best efforts at completing 50 or 60,000 word novel titled, Road Trip.
It’ll be fun to see what sort of thing my creative muse comes up with when not forced into a certain plot. I've got a sketchy outline with Dottie and Earl Stone, two minor characters from my previous novel, Man of her Dreams. They were the parents in said story and have hit the highways and side ways for a little R & R. I'm anxious to discover what types of folks they'll meet along their way, traveling on the back of a vintage motorcycle. I hope the weather’s nice. Or wait…maybe a downpour would be more promising, with flickering bolts of lightning, could be raining buckets of icy water. Suppose the only shelter in sight is an abandoned mine shaft.
Oh, yeah. Definitely a possibility. Finally there’s more in November than turkey.
Good luck Nano’ers!


  1. I'm right there with you. I can't wait to start.

  2. Me too! I've already outlined eight chapters and figure if I get that far, I will have a good idea on where to go next. Being a panster, I hate to know too much ahead of time. Sort of spoils the journey for me.
    Good luck!


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