Monday, October 10, 2011

Farewell to All My Children

Things are changing so quickly that what's customary today will be outdated before tomorrow. I, for one, don't like change. Seriously. My furniture stays in the same place until Jim decides to move it. And although it has happened, I can only think of once or twice that I came home and nearly tripped over the sofa because it was shoved too close to the front door, while the recyliner was aimed front and center of the television.

And speaking of tv...the soap opera, All My Children, has gone off the air. It ended its run after 41 years. I grew up watching those characters, Tad and Dixe, Ruth and Joe...Erica and Jackson. I grew oldER watching them too. I enjoyed the drama played out every afternoon during my teen years and into my early married life. Only in Pine Valley could I find others whose problems were bigger than mine. At least it seemed that way. And I wasn't the only one to watch them, but lots of folks, for a time anyways, watched 'the stories'.

All good things come to an end. The network has replaced AMC with a food show called The Chew. I'm just curious that if no one is home during the day to watch the soaps, who's got time try all those recipes?

Before I leave, here's a song the 59th Street Bridge recorded called 'Feeling Groovy.' How does this tie into my soaps? LOL. Notice how I called them 'my soaps.' That's how personal they were to me. This song reminds me that everything will continue to change whether we like it or not. Remember the Chevy Van, peace signs and bell-bottoms? Yeah, me too. The only thing to do is enjoy the moment. Listen...'slow down, we're moving too fast. Gotta to make the morning last.'

I intend to.


  1. Change is inevitable, isn't it? As much as we sometimes don't want it. Enjoy the moment is great advice :) Great post!

  2. I know, Jennifer. It's a fact I should be used too.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Change must be in the air since I blogged about it this week, too. Great post. Loved the song!


  4. Yes, must be something in the air. You're so nice to stop by. Thanks and have a great day!

  5. I think I read somewhere that AMC was going to start up again online. Which would make sense. They left a lot of loose ends in that last episode.

  6. Hi Dawn,
    I've got my fingers crossed and that they keep the characters I care most about following. At first I thought no way would I watch episodes online, but with youtube and other stuff I'm sort of getting used to the idea. A lot of firsts, it seems.
    Glad you stopped by.


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