Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Check it out... A brand new cover!

I'm planning to release my romantic suspense soon but was anxious to show off this fabulous cover! I think it captures the essence of the story perfectly! Still fiddling around with the blurb - a few more tweaks to go.

Here's what I have so far...


A convicted rapist out on parole.
A detective determined to put him back in prison.
And an innocent woman caught in the crossfire.

When Tom Harrington is unable to prevent the release of serial rapist, Carl Jenkins, from the state penitentiary, the detective follows him to the small town of Berrien. His reasons are personal - Jenkins was convicted of assaulting Tom's sister. One slight parole infraction will earn him a free ticket back to prison where he belongs.

After eight years in the state penitentiary, Carl Jenkins is deemed rehabilitated. Years of hard time and no visitors earned him the nickname, Solo. Nothing can penetrate the cynical chamber called a heart. Until the smallest ray of warmth enters his cell in a flowery envelope and perfumed paper.
Whispers of dreams long forgotten.
And the hope to become normal.

There's another lure to the sleepy town, the beautiful woman who spent months corresponding with the convict. Linda Wheeler is a mystery to both men. Seeking refuge in a quiet childhood home after tumultuous divorce. She's quickly learning that single parenting is another battle. Her teenage daughter is becoming a rule breaker and eventually winds up on the wrong side of the law. She's determined to keep her daughter from becoming a name and number in the court's legal system. But what Linda doesn't know is that a name has already seeped behind prison walls: her name. And nothing can prepare them for the storm that's coming.

Well? What'd you think?


  1. I find the book very good!! what a page Turner for sure, keeps u interested from the very start , great job!!!


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