Sunday, February 21, 2016

Procrastinating- there's always tomorrow, right?

Everyone knows 'The Sun'll Come out Tomorrow' right? It's true 'Tomorrow is never promised' and we all believe that 'Tomorrow is Another Day.'

One can easily see why the stuff we just can't seem to face or make time for today is put off. Especially when there really aren't enough hours in the day to get to everything, right? I hit the floor running and it seems the only time I sit down is when I'm driving. I laughingly told my husband my taking the long way home was sort of a mini vacation. Hey, I'm not complaining.

Good thing I'm not living back in 'the day.'

Up at the crack of dawn to a rooster crowing and hens clucking nervously around waiting to be fed.

Have you ever crept out of bed to an icy room so cold your breath clouded? And because you were the first one up you needed to stoke the fire? Never mind the fact it's a cast iron cookstove or maybe even a fireplace. If you were thinking of grabbing that hot cup of morning coffee you'd better hope someone has already been down to the well or riverbank and filled a pail of water. Seriously. Or maybe there's a rain barrel right outside the front door. Some homesteads even had a hand pump close by.

Great for rinshing mud off your shoes or even between your toes if you were the one who happened along the banks of the river. 

Rememeber those chickens pecking at the ground,
zig-zagging around the yard digging up bugs? Unless the Colonel is your
uncle and visiting with a bucket of orginal recipe, someone's gonna have
to catch one and....

Well, let's just say I'm happy it ain't my job.

I'll just stand by get the pot ready. 


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