Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They're back! All My Children returns 4.29.13

Unless you've been totally off the internet, you've probably heard the news that soap operas ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE are coming live to a computer screen near you. That's right. Starting April 29th, 2013 you'll be able to watch brand new, never before seen episodes of both soap operas. Since going off the air almost two years ago, a steady quest to reunite the heartwarming characters from Pine Valley and Llandview are back. As are many of the original cast so that the folks (like me) who watched and loved the soaps for years, can sit back and enjoy. Because Prospect Park, teaming up with HULU, is making history! And we get to a front row seat!

But first...

Who doesn't remember this? And that awful sound as the program went off the air each night. Usually followed by the national anthem.



And  how many remember this?  Shows like Buck Rogers, Death Valley, Gun Smoke and even Bob Hope all filled home and hearth nightly as families everywhere gather around to listen to their favorite show.



Okay, actually I don’t remember listening to my favorite show on the radio although my parents did. However, I did grow up when television was fairly new. I remember there was something like two stations, channels 3 & 8. We knew our RCA repair man, Herb Siler, who came when called to replace a horizontal or vertical tube. He sold things like rabbit ears- not the furry ones, and antennas.


I looked forward to Saturday because it was the one day of the week I got to see an assortment of cartoons (there was no Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network) They started around 8 a.m. (no sleepy heads in those days) and aired until noon. Totally a kids cartoon paradise. After that it was high time to get outside and PLAY.


Since this blog isn’t about all the electronic devices kids have these days and the many, many hours they spend on them, I’ll skip over that and say I love that I experienced the early days of technology. Because ‘back then’ it was Sunday night with Walt Disney or Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, bringing the exotic in my tiny landscape.  Or a selected movie sometimes would be featured as a ‘Movie Event.’


What am I getting at? Only this…we’ve come a long way baby.


Monday, April 29th will start a whole new way to watch All My Childre, a soap opera that ran on ABC for over 40 years and One Life to Live. Both shows are returning LIVE in digital format! That’s right. A whole new way to watch those characters who have become a part of our life. (Mine anyway.)


Through Prospect Park and Hulu (a online app.) you'll once again be able to keep up with the daily comings and going in  Pine Valley and Llandview. Or, if you’re like me and wish to watch this on your very own television, simply subscribe to Hulu Plus and for 7.99 a month you can stream it and watch wherever you want, whenever you. Yep... on your phone, your IPad…and even your tv. Just like the good old days.



It’s new. It’s exciting. And I can hardly wait!!!






  1. I never liked soap operas. I could never keep up with the boring, sensationalized incestuous plots, which I found unrealistic to say the least. I liked game shows instead. (25000$ pyramid, card sharks, price is right and so on.)

    Yeah I remember that symbol and the monotonous horn-like sound that woke you up when you fell asleep in front of the set. Ha. brought back memories Tere. Where has time gone????


  2. I started watching during summer vacation when I was 13. But the afternoon always started with Monty Hall in Lets Make A Deal, The Newlywed Game and Dating Game. Loved those groovy flowers. : )

    Glad you came by, Merc. Yeah, no doubt. Time passes way too quickly.

  3. We don't get Hulu in Canada, but those shows are going to be released on a specialty TV station. TV show are changing. I love the Netflix shows where they release all the episodes for a season at once. I can't wait for season four of Arrested Development.

  4. I love Netflix and the Hulu plus is great way to stream our shows to tv. Times are changing and its all about letting us decide. I love it!
    I heard FX is going to carry those soaps in Canada. And just found out today Billy Clyde Tuggle is coming back on. He was a pimp in the 70's and a really neat character despite his profession. : )


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