Thursday, February 14, 2013

How do I love thee....


This is the LOVE day. Valentine ’s Day means purchasing large silk covered boxes of chocolate and cards so sweet your teeth ache. Some of us will spend the day baking (raising hand) heart-shaped cookies for our sweeties’ lunchbox. Others will plan a romantic candlelit dinner and a chilled bottle of wine. The lucky ones might even find themselves tip-toeing behind a path of rose petals to a heart-shaped Jacuzzi, the steam rising behind rows of colorful bottles and scented oils.
Or not.
Assuming we’re all lucky in love, forgive me if the events describe your romantic evening.
I happen to know some people, the gals –or guys- whose day will be spent cooking that fabulous dinner after running to the store to grab a few steaks and valentine cards. Yeah, (s) both of them because some people in the house who (because they get off work late) can’t make it, ask that you purchase one more. After all, you’re going there anyways, right? Can’t you just reach through the crowd and grab an extra one? Who cares what it says, as long as it symbolizes love. Right?

  I'm not talking about me, really. My hubby made a special trip to the butcher last night and requested 1' thick Delmonicos. On my kitchen table this morning is a red envelope with my name on it and orders DO NOT OPEN TILL LATER!!  
Romantic gesters....
What do you consider romantic?
February 14th.  A day to celebrate your better  half.  
I’m giving away a digital Kindle copy of Man of Her Dreams to one commenter and hope you enjoy reading about romance as much as I do.


  1. Awesome post, Ter! Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Thanks! Happy Valentines Day to you, too!

  2. I love Valentine's Day. I'm not cooking, baking cookies or eating chocolates today. Why should romance be equate with fattening stuff. No. I'ma exercise in bed with hubby. We're spending the night somewhere special since our 16-yr-old son doesn't have school tomorrow. He'll stay home playing video games and texting. Hopefully he won't break any rules. Lol


    1. ((chuckle)) your exercise routine. I agree, we definitely don't need the fattening chocolate to celebrate. A few special moments will do.
      Sounds like a fun evening!

  3. Also... I'd love to win but don't want to sign up with Facebook. My Facebook accounts are not personal ones. No time. I'm FB administrator for sports teams at my son's school, so there are those. I will be starting one for the books when they're written and published.

    So what do I do to get a chance to win?

    PS Excuse typo in first post. *equated*, I meant to write.


    1. You just entered by commenting, Merc. So happy you did!

  4. Hi, Tere,

    Hubby and I don't celebrate the V day. Not that we no longer love and honor each other! We are still super in love after being together since we were sixteen (26 yrs). For us, every day is special, and very often romantic. He brings me flowers without it needing to be a day the world says he ought to, and he does sweet things for me.

    I make sure to cook his favorite meals most weeks--thank the Lord he has a few! :) And we enjoy, and make time for each other every day.

    When every day is a day of love, Valentine’s is just another day. ;)

  5. How lucky you are, Monique! True love is the very best treat of all! Congrats on the many happy years.

  6. My DH has his moments, romance is not encoded in his DNA though. I got a kiss this morning, which I usually get before he leaves for work, and i honestly don't know if he'll remember that today is V-day until teh kids remind him with..."What did you get Mom for Valentine's Day?"
    Then I'll get a card and chocolate, which he'll eat most of anyway. But he agreed to go to couple's workout on Sat with me, which is big.

  7. Hehehee, your hubby sounds like mine, Bella. Last week as the kid waited at the door, DH kissed me goodbye before they left on a trip. "It's expected," he said.
    And my red valentine will always be in the form of meat. LOL. Which means he's thinking of his stomach mainly.

    Gotta love 'em.
    Have fun on the workout Sat.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day Tere! Sounds like you'll be having a wonderful evening with your husband :)

    As for what I consider romantic, anything can be made romantic if you're with the right person!

  9. You're absolutely right, Christine. I've had great times (and lost my heart) just fishing. LOL!

    So glad you stopped by and hope you have a great Valentine's evening!



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