Monday, August 20, 2012

How do you read your books? KINDLE…NOOK...ANDROID

Whew! This past week was tremendous, stupendous, and everything a new author can hope for thanks to all of you! Now that the hoop-la’s over, I plan to dive into my stack of TBR books and read non-stop for a while. Because I love reading and never want to lose sight of the fact that without readers, where would authors be?

When ebook publishing busted through the gates and into the publishing community, ( I mean world- taking the publishing world by storm) I wasn’t at all sure what it meant for people like me. There were still many who believed online publishing and books was simply a flash in the pan. Like vinyl records and eight track tapes. (You do remember those, right?) Well, my concerns were for all the folks who didn’t have an ereader or didn’t want another gadget cluttering up their life.

I’ll admit, it took me awhile before finally breaking down and purchasing my Kindle. Seriously, it was a gift from my kids. I probably wouldn’t have shelled out that kind of money, but kids...hey, they owe ya, right?

Did you know you can download a Kindle app. free onto your computer? That’s right. You don’t have to actually buy an ereader to read ebooks. Amazon offers free Kindle downloads.

You can even down load the Kindle app to your smart phone, Kindle Cloud reader or tablets.

Why, you ask, do you want one? Because every day thousands of books are given away absolutely free! Honest. And if you love reading as much as I do, you don’t want to miss out. You don't need to miss out. All you need is an Amazon account. And then shop and read to your heart’s content.

Of course there's more than one fish in the sea. So here’s a few sites other sites offering free ereader apps. All you do is download to your pc.

Easy and free.

So…what’s stopping you?


  1. I have a Nook Tere and I love it! There is also an app that you can use to download books from Amazon and make them compatible with a Nook. I've found some amazing reads on Amazon.

    Though I admit I still have moments when I have to have a "real" book to hold :)

  2. Me too! Especially when I see a beautiful cover it's something I've got to get my 'hands' on. : ) My sister could benefit from that app you're talking about. She has a NOOK and often trys sliding them over.

    I'll tell her to look around. Thanks for commenting, Christine. Enjoy this great week!


  3. I have a Kindle and love it! The free books are great. Here's another good site: If you like the FB page, the notices come to your FB newsfeed. Love free books. Thanks for posting those other sites, too.

  4. Awesome Diane! Thanks for the site and for coming by. I'm adding this to my favorites and tomorrow am going to FB and 'Like' their page. Many thanks! : )

  5. I have Kindle on my iPad. I read pretty much all my stories on there (whenever I can wrestle it away from my husband and daughter!). I've definitely become an ebook junkie in the past few years!

    1. Me too! Although some books belonging to a series I'll buy in hard copy. Like the Gretchen & Archie serial killer books. I have to have the entire collection and unable to wait usually pre-order.
      I love how the young toddlers are able to use and control the phones even better than I ever can.
      : ) Happy Friday, Linda!

  6. I currently have a Sony ereader, but I'm thinking about getting a kindle. We'll see.

  7. Hi Dawn~ I have been thinking of getting the new Kindle fire only because the small buttons on the control make it very hard to type in the search. I really need touch pad. LOL. But it's so hard to make the transition. Nothing can showcase a book like the real thing, shiny and crisp in your hand.
    So good to hear from you! : )


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