Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do you have a favorite book?

Do you have favorite book?

I’ve got one. Actually, I’ve got more than one. My bookshelf is lined with classics, stories that went straight to my heart and will stay forever.

For starters, I’m quite sure I’ll never forget Captain Brandon Birmingham and Heather Simmons, characters from the novel Flame And The Flower.

Heather, an orphaned beauty has nowhere else to turn except her Aunt Fanny, who turns out to be a jealous and cruel guardian with a brother whose lusty attack on the young ward results in murder. Heather must flee. And ends up in the arms of the most dashing and I must say, masculine man to date, Captain Brandon Birmingham, who recently docked after a long voyage, has sent a couple of his men to fetch a female prostitute or to put it more delicately-- a companion. They run into Miss Simmons on the docks and suggest she follow them, (which she does without question thinking she’s being arrested for murdering the aunt’s brother) Of course the captain realizes he’s mistaken, but not before the deed is done.
I’m pretty certain this novel helped coin the phrase ‘bodice rippers.’ But I’m not afraid to admit that I loved this story. Especially the way the Captain feels duty-bound to marry her, once he learns the lass is pregnant, redeeming him in my eyes and creating a memorable hero as he continues to demonstrate heroic qualities one after another.

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss made history with that novel, taking romance readers to beyond the bedroom door.

And I loved it so much, I named my first born, Heather. And my sister named her son, Brandon. : )

And how about Olivia Goldsmith? Her characters are so funny! And these days laughs are hard to come by.

If you loved First Wives Club then you are going to love Pen Pals.

I picked this book up in the library after having signed in to use the community computer- mine had taken a dump. I was so involved reading Pen Pals that I completely missed my name being called from the list twice! And didn’t want to be disturbed by the third announcement when the attendant came searching for me.

Pen Pals portrays Jennifer Spence as a whiz on Wall Street but naïve’ when it comes to recognizing a setup as her powerful boss convinces her to take the rap on insider trading charges. He’s convinced her she’ll only be in jail overnight, possibly a few days at the most, and Jennifer trades in her Armani suit for an orange jumpsuit. Second mistake, depending on the well-connected, lying through-his-teeth lawyer to get her out, who just happens to be her fiancé. This jerk takes his sweet time and her three-carat diamond ring for ‘safekeeping,’ leaving her to rot in prison.

Jennifer is booked in and frisked down by Motiva, a big woman who works for the warden and Cher, another trustee who doesn’t even wait for Jennifer to be hauled off to a cell before slipping on her shoes! Jennifer wises up with the help of her cellmates, she has to if she ever wants to have her freedom and shoes again. And when they put their minds together, conquering Wall Street is nothing compared to taking down a crooked warden and triumphed up charges.

I’ve since bought my own copy and have read it three times already! Trust me when I say it’s a laugh out loud book.

Okay, since we’re talking books and story people, plot lines and gimmicks, I’ve gotta mention a favorite book you haven’t read. My recently contracted book, Man of her Dreams.
I love this story and from the moment the idea first hit me, (a girl with a warm fuzzy family meets the guy who practically raised himself ) it kind of just unfolded.
The main characters--Jay Westfield and Leslie Stone-- are two people destined to be together. Neither one have ever been in love; although Leslie thought she was. Even going so far as to become engaged. However, after stumbling in on Kevin and her bridesmaid christening the new mattress, it’s obvious he’s not the man for her.
And there’s Jay, an angry young man who grew up literally living and traveling around with a carnival. His mother was a showgirl, Madame Luella, who used whatever wiles it takes to get her way with the countless men who stroll the midway. When she rode off in a cloud of dust all those years ago, leaving Jay at fifteen to fend for himself, he vowed to steer clear of women who sought the lime-light.

So naturally when he sees Leslie on the back of the mechanical bull- (she’s hoping to win the purse to fix her car) he wants no part of it.

Thank goodness for Mr. Jingles, who just happens to know a thing or two about a thing or two. Who's Mr. Jingles? Don’t worry, it’ll all be revealed soon. Stay tuned for updates on the progress as Man of her Dreams is soon to be headed to production!


  1. I know it's not popular, but I still get a kick out of the old bodice rippers. LOL I might have to check out The Flame & The Flower...hehehehe

    As for MAN OF HER DREAMS...Love that story Tere and so proud of you for submitting it. I knew it had a home. Jay is a wonderful hero and Leslie is a heroine who I adored from the beginning. I loved helping critique it and I can't wait to get my copy when it's released!

    You are one talented lady!

  2. I know you believed in this story when I had my doubts and thanks so much for all the help getting it in shape. I so appreciate it! And all the support blogging, interviewing and stuff. LOL. : )

    Yes, I promise you won't be sorry if you read the F&F story, it really did start a whole new genre.

    Thanks for coming by!


  3. Wonderful post Tere! The Flame and The Flower was the very first "Romance Novel" I read, back when I was 15 (it was my mother's book), and I have to say it's the reason I read romance now. I just fell in love with the characters! I'll have to check out Pen Pals - It sounds like a good summer read.

  4. Same here, Florence. I read the copy belonging to my BF's mom. Little did I know how reading that book would set the standards for future stories. Such great writers and memorable stories!
    Thanks so much for stopping and commenting! Enjoy the long weekend!

  5. My sister gave me F&F after it came out. Whoa! I'd never read anything like it. LOVED it! Thanks for reminding me about it.

  6. If ever I need a guaranteed, feel good story, the tried and true romance novels of yesterday do it every time. : )
    And what a great sister you have!

  7. I love Kathleen E. Woodiwiss! The Wolf and the Dove!! All time favorite. What a great post.

    All the Best,

  8. Oh my gosh, yes! I loved The Wolf and the Dove! What an excellent writer Kathleen was, able to create story people we remember decades later. Thanks for stopping in Rionna!


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